Singer Mennana Ennaoui

Mennana was born in Casablanca (Morocco) grew up in Holland and has lived since 2005 in Germany.
Her musical work ranges from Rock, Pop, Blues, Soul, Funk, Country, Moroccon folk to Jazz.

She performed at many live events and at many of the most prestigious festivals in the world including Womad in the U.K., Pinkpop in Holland, Paleo/Nyon in Switzerland, Rosklide Festival in Denmark, am Ring in Germany, Mawazin in Morocco, Lowlands in Holland, Fmm Sines in Portugal, Creation of Peace Festival in Russia, She has toured with DeLaSoul and Mano Negra/Manu Chao and many more.
Appeared in many TV Productions including Formel Eins, MTV Music, Extratour, Fernsehgarten, Nederland Muziekland, Eurotops, Schaubude, Tros muziekeest, Dock 11,
WDR Rocklife and many other leading rock and pop shows.

Mennana worked with many different artists and Projects including Dissidenten (GDR),
Mohamed Mounir, Marlon Klein (GDR), Jil Jillala ( Morooco), The Scene (NL), The Lau (NL) Kris de Bruyne (BE), Toots Thielemans (BE), J├╝rgen Koppers (GDR), Andy Lunn (GB), Rick de Leeuw (NL), Gloria Gaynor (USA), Marquess (GDR), Aquagen (GDR), Kiriman (AUT), Klaus Biedermann (AUT), David Hasselhoff (USA), The German Blues Project (GDR) and many other artists. your social media marketing partner

More About Me, Mennana

Squeeze the past like a sponge, smell the present like a rose, and send a kiss to the future.

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